Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Download Free and Legal Norton Internet Security 2009

Norton AntiVirus 2009 (NAS) and Norton Internet Security 2009 (NIS) are the two most popular antivirus software in the world. Norton Internet Security 2009 alone provide a complete solution for computers that include two-way firewall, parental controls, antispam, user identity protection, blocking of personal information and other advanced features that feels more luxurious than Norton AntiVirus 2009, which only provides basic protection against viruses, worms , trojans, rootkits, and other malicious programs.

Price for NIS 2009 with 1 year subscription per 1 pc is $ 49.99. But with the following trick, you can get free service Norton Internet Security 2009 without the cost of a penny. And that definitely legal!

How, you simply use the OEM licensed software that legal recognition and official support online from the Norton. OEM (Origin Equipment Manufacturers) is a software manufacturer that is usually included on the packaging hardware that PC vendors shipped to the customer. OEM setup installer by default typically have a validity period of 3 months or half a year. This is the gap that many people used to get the setup installer Norton products for free and legal.

Tip: Use the Norton Removal Tool to remove Norton products, download here. When expired, install another OEM.

Here is a list of Norton Internet Security 2009 OEM setup installer is available:
1. 90 Days: NIS2009
2. 90 Days: NIS2009
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Recuva, Restore The Deleted Computer Data

Recuva (read: recovery) is a freeware Windows utility to restore files accidentally or eksidensial deleted from your computer. Includes the files that are no longer in the Recycle bin as been vacated permanently.

Also recover files / data that were deleted from the memory digital cameras or MP3 players, even from your iPod, or because of bugs, crashes and viruses. Recuva is 100% free and one of the best File Recovery Program that exist today.

Download Here
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Tips to increase the speed of the computer with Startup Delayer

Every time you turn on your computer or laptop, you must wait until the normal 2 minutes to open all running applications and ensure that the PC does not take much time delay or even stop in the middle of the road.

The reason PC hangs usually associated with a number of software applications that run on startup or background that most PCs are not needed when the computer is turned on. When the software is started loading them usually use part of computer memory and inhibit the other programs running.

Startup Delayer is freeware that you can use to alleviate the programs that run at startup windows. You are very easy to run and easy to understand with a user friendly interface. You can can immediately disable most startup programs, for PCs running lighter (oops, .. disabled does not mean completely turn off the program, but delaying the process). The software is compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/XP64/VISTA.

Download link: Click Here
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