Friday, December 31, 2010

Improve Search Engine Ranking

 About 85% of internet users use search engines to find something on the internet such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Improve your website search engine ranking is necessary to increase visitor traffic to your site aliases. More and more visitors to your website is what you are selling on your website the more likely buyers.

How do I create for your site gets good position on search engines?

The first is the Title bar on the main page (homepage) your web site. To improve search engine rankings your web site it should be on the title bar should have said the main keywords of your website. So is the page - other pages. Title on the page should contain keywords from the page to make your website position on search engines become better

But remember, the keyword should not be much - a lot. Keep the number of keywords is not more than 6 words and do not use keywords repeatedly on your web site title.

Next is the content of your website. Search engines prefer websites with the content is good from the placement of the image. Text that is on the content of your website should contain keywords that potential visitors are often looking for search engine. Try on every page no more than 250 words and no less than 100 words. Paper and arranged in the form of text rather than writing on the picture.

Next is the meta tag. Many people believe that meta tags are very decisive in making our website to get the best position in search engines. To see if your site using meta tags or not you should see immediately below from your web site. How to view source of your website view is click on your browser and click source. After that will appear in a new window containing the code, where the meta tags are usually not far from the top line. Usually written as: meta name = "keywords" content =. If the writing is no mean meta tags of your website does not exist.

Last is the link popularity. The meaning of link popularity is the number of links from other websites to your website. Almost all search engines use link popularity to rank your web site. Web site that has many visitors, it is similar to your website, high rank would be very useful for improving the ranking of your web site if there is a link to your website. It will also bring a good referral traffic to your web site later.

Search engine ranking is very important to his success of a website. Before you use the services to be paid then there is a good idea to try first how the above and prove that you can improve search engine rankings and increase traffic to your website for free without having to pay.


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