Friday, December 31, 2010

Quick On The Index Google And Other Search Engines

Are you upset because your website is not in the same Google index?

How easy way for your website fast in the same google index?

For purpose of SEO is better if we buy a domain that is already there (the older the domain the more air and are usually already in the price index of the same search engine), to new domains of business and we need more time for SEO.
Sometimes - sometimes takes several weeks for websites with new domain same in Google's index. To create a quick google website in the same index, which allows over 24 hours already indexed then we need a little effort, here's how - how it:

Make 5 pages / content from your website.

Let remain in the "under construction" on main page and make about 5 or more content where each content consists of several paragraphs.

Make Internal Links to all pages

Make a template / view your website with a template that has the menu. You can find free or paid templates from various sources on the internet. Make a link to all the pages / content from the menu.

Create a tag on Social Bookmarking

Submit a link to your website in social bookmarking. This will give way to Google and other search engines to find the link to your website as search engines will routinely bots / crawl in a short time. A popular social bookmarking are:, BlinkList,, and Furl.

Leave a comment on websites / blogs that top
Look about 5 blogs that have been pretty popular (google page rank> 3) whose content is related with your website and there is a new post on the blog. Read the new post and leave a comment related to the post and include links to your website in the website URL field.

Create, Register, and XML Sitemaps Ping wbsite you
Make a sitemap of your website (how to make his first try searching digoogle yes) and upload to your website (created with the name sitemap.xml).
Then ping google by typing the following URL in your browser. replace the domain name with your domain name.

Next create your account for Google Webmaster Central, add your website address and register an XML sitemap of your site.

Sign in Google Analytics

Create your google analytics account and add your website address and do not forget to verify your website for google analytics will collect data from your web.

Sign in Google Ads

Create a Google adwords account and add ads from the website on google adwords anda.Dengan menamabh then this could further accelerate your website google keindex same. (But this one I also have never tried ...)

With the steps - the steps above then your website will be indexed faster. There is no guarantee within 24 hours but this is very possible indexed less than 24 hours. Open in Google webmaster tool if your site is already in the index and look at Google analytics is already a visitor to your website. Good luck.


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