Friday, December 31, 2010

Increase Adsense Income

Have you put google adsense ads on your website to get a dollar from google? What if results are not satisfactory? I also have long had google adsense account, but because of lack of optimizing its use on my blog so that the dollars that go into my account just a small small. If you do not already have an account google adsense a good idea to click here.

Later I became interested again to raise money dollars from adsense revenue me, so I am looking for a way - a way to make a dollar income from adsense to my account could grow.

Here's my conclusion about how to increase revenue from google adsense that may be useful also for you to implement on your website / blog:

Increase visitors to your website / blog.

With more and more visitors to your website the more likely and more likely the number of clicks on your google adsense ads. It applies the theory of chance. If the number of visitors to your website / blog there are 100 people per day and and generate adsense ad clicks 5 clicks then if the number of visitors to your website there are 500 people per day then chances are the number of clicks is 25 clicks per day. If 1 click 0.1 dollars then the dollar adsense revenue from your website / blog rose from 0.5 dollars to 2.5 dollars per day. Imagine if the number of visitors to your website thousands of people per day

Put the keyword-paid (PPC)

Ads that appear on our website / blog is based on the keywords / keyword in meta tag content or web site. Google will display ads relevant to your websiite us. Advertising on google too much variet, so our adsense income will be much greater if the ads that are displayed and clicked on one of our websites or the price paid is often called High Paying Keywords. (HPK). You can search for keywords that are expensive from Wesite

Utilizing the Competitive Ad Filter

Competitive Ad Filter is a tool provided by google adsense alone. The aim is to block certain ads (google hope for a competitor) so as not to appear on our website. But with this facility we can use for jamming block ads from sites that the value per click cheap / small-like sites MFA (Made For Adsense). With so may increase the income from the web / blog.

How do I create and use your Competitive Ad Filter this? Just login to your google adsense account, search for adsense setup and click on Competitive Ad Filter. Enter url / website address that you want to block ads from your adsense. The number of urls that can put up to 200 urls.

How do I make out a website address that the value of cheap clicks? While we are forbidden to click adsense ads on your website / blog. An easy way to find a list of MFA sites and a cheap price click is to utilize the facilities of For a free member of this website gives us 50 list of websites that includes the current MFA and the coincidence of this website and give more promotion MFA list of 200 sites and cheap price click.


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